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Search through the widest range of car brands and models for rent in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and Ajman. Book budget car rentals, SUVs, luxury cars, sports cars and more straight from local car hire agencies. Over 700 live car rental offers to choose from!
  • Choose a company that’s located near you or offers fast delivery in your location, if you would need pick-up and delivery.
  • At the time of delivery, check for existing dents and scratches, if any, best to shoot a video circling the car and take close-up pictures of the existing damages. Share them with the car rental service provider instantly to avoid any misunderstandings that may arise later.
  • Always best to provide the security deposit by credit card as a pre-authorization block, which automatically releases after 20-30 days from the end date of your rental.
  • Please be sure to sign a car rental agreement issued under the same company name as advertised on the OneClickDrive website or mobile app. Be sure to save a soft copy of the agreement so you have documented proof of your rental.
Showing 1 - 20 of 2003 cars
Showing 1 - 20 of 2003 cars

Monthly car rental Dubai

Monthly rent a car Dubai basis is ideal in Dubai as the city of Dubai comprises 90% expat population. While most wish to stay for years to come in the emirate, many end up moving back to their home country after a couple of years.

In such cases, it's a good idea to hire such a car rental dubai monthly basis. Instead of taking a car loan and dealing with the many overheads as well as depreciation.

Benefits of car rental monthly Dubai

How do I book monthly car rental Dubai?

The best way to exploremonthly car rental Dubai offers in Dubai is through OneClickDrive. This dedicated section on our website includes all car rental companies which are located in Dubai as well as those that provide delivery services in Dubai from anywhere in Dubai. You can filter car results as per your requirement and book car rental monthly Dubai as per your choice.

Cheap monthly car rental Dubai

Looking for a budget-friendly monthly car rental Dubai? We have got the most exclusive rental packages for you. Rent a car in Dubai with monthly prices starting at AED 1200 per month during the off-season. Prices goes upto AED 1400 per month for the same category of cars during the peak-season.

For a car rent on monthly, companies provide free pick-up and drop off service across the selected emirate. So if you are staying in Dubai for a month or two, this is the best option for you. 

Why hire long term car rental through OneClickDrive

Whether it be a top brand luxury car or a compact economy car, the prices on OneClickDrive are always the cheapest. We currently work with over 140 car rental companies and the listings are added directly by them. You can inquire with any of them via Phone or WhatsApp and book it directly. Pay zero commission and zero booking fees.

Our suppliers ensure to provide you the best car service. We work with reputed companies only. Your safety is definitely our priority whereas your budget is also our concern for monthly car lease Dubai.

Flexibility to Travel Whenever, Wherever: Monthly Car Rentals in Dubai

A Dubai monthly rent a car service caters to individuals and families who require a vehicle for an extended period. Whether you're in Dubai for work, leisure, or any other reason, a monthly car rental ensures you have reliable transportation throughout your stay. You can choose from a wide range of vehicles, including sedans, SUVs, luxury cars for rent in dubai, and many more, depending on your preferences.

Car rental for a month in Dubai is a cost-effective solution compared to daily or weekly rentals. It offers significant savings as you enjoy a lower rate per day. Additionally, by opting for a long-term rental, you avoid the hassle of renewing your rental agreement frequently, providing you with a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Dubai offers several options for cheap car rental on a monthly basis. Many rental companies provide competitive rates and promotions for monthly rentals, allowing you to enjoy affordable transportation during your stay. Now you have the ability to browse, compare and rent all on a single platform - OneClickDrive. 

 By choosing a cheap car rental in Dubai monthly, you can allocate your budget to other aspects of your trip while still enjoying the convenience of having your own vehicle.

Whether you're a tourist wanting to explore the city's attractions or a resident in need of temporary transportation, car rentals monthly provide you with the flexibility to travel whenever and wherever you want.

Dubai offers a well-developed road infrastructure, making it easy to navigate and explore the city. With a monthly car rental, you can visit popular destinations such as the Burj Khalifa, Palm Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, and Jumeirah Beach. You can also venture beyond the city limits and explore nearby attractions like the mesmerizing desert landscapes or the stunning coastal areas.

Inspite of being the No. 1 platform for long term car rentals in Dubai, OneClickDrive also offers it's users with exceptional deals on luxury yacht rentals in Dubai and Deep Sea fishing in Dubai. We also offer suv rentals and luxury vehicle brands like Porsch, Ferrari, Lamborghini and many more Super Cars in Dubai. Kindly also check our new Desert Safari Deals in Dubai section now for for more information.

Monthly car rental price in Dubai

Daily Weekly Monthly
Lamborghini Urus Pearl Capsule (Matte Black), 2022 AED 2,999 AED 19,000 AED 55,000
Hongqi H9 3.0 (Blue), 2022 AED 800 AED 4,500 AED 7,650
Mercedes Benz AMG CLA 45 (Gray), 2023 AED 750 AED 4,900 AED 15,000
Kia K5 (Red), 2023 AED 170 AED 1,120 AED 3,600
Mercedes Benz AMG G63 (Blue), 2022 AED 1,800 AED 14,000 AED 45,000

Frequently Asked Questions

The price of a monthly rental car in Dubai varies depending on a number of aspects such as the car's make and model, the rental company, the duration of the lease, and any additional services or features you may choose. For economical cars, the typical monthly cost ranges from AED 1,500 to AED 15,000 or more for luxury cars. To obtain the best bargain, it's always a good idea to compare rates from several car rental companies and look for any active specials or discounts. Keep in mind that pricing might change depending on demand and high tourist seasons.

Dubai offers the widest range of vehicle options for rentals. Firstly, decide on the type of vehicle you need: compact, sedan, crossover or SUV. You can find out the range of prices for monthly rentals on this page, just use the filters to funnel through.Crossovers are the most in-demand cars for rent nowadays. They offer the space and are decently priced. We consider them as the most ideal vehicle type for Dubai.

Yes, of course. Credit cards are in fact the ideal form of payment accepted by all car rental companies. They charge your card upon delivery with the rental amount as well as the security deposit as a preauth block.Some companies even accept debit cards and cash payment. Best to contact the suppliers directly to find out what's acceptable.

Yes, whether it is an economy or luxury car, a security deposit is mandatory. Our suppliers require it mainly as a safety net against traffic violation fines. The depsoit amount varies depending on your vehicle's choice and is returned to the customers 30 days from the return date.Some companies offer rent a car monthly no deposit however they charge a higher insurance amount or charge your credit card.

Yes of course! Monthly Car rental Dubai companies allow their vehicles to be driven anywhere within the UAE, with the exception of a few such as Jebel Jais, Jebel Hafeet, and within the desert regions.It is, however, best to inform / check with the car rental Dubai monthly agent regarding your destination, well in advance. If you’re planning a trip to Abu Dhabi or Fujairah, consider renting for 2 or more days to offset the additional mileage charge you will incur.As most car rentals, come with a mileage limit of 250 kilometres per day. The drive from Dubai to Abu Dhabi is approximately 150km away so if you’re doing a return trip you’ll most likely do over 300km on the journey.

You monthly car rental Dubai cost covers standard mileage limit which is generally 4500 km or higher. It also includes basic insurance as per Dubai RTA regulations. Delivery within Dubai may be included in the price too. All car rental companies offer free roadside assistance incase of vehicle breakdown. Baby / child seats are available, subject to availability, free of charge upon request.

Note: The above listings including the prices are updated by the respective car rental company. Incase the car is not available at the price mentioned (exclusive of VAT), please inform us and we’ll get back to you with the best alternative. Happy renting!

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