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Documents Required to Rent a Car in Kuwait

Whether you're visiting Kuwait for pleasure or on business, you must hire a car in Kuwait. Make certain you have the following legal documentation before you hire a car in Kuwait:

For Residents
 Mitsubishi Lancer Dubai Tourist
  • A valid driver's licence that is at least six months old
  • A valid address proof and a copy of the Kuwait residence card
For Tourists
 Jeep Wrangler Dubai Tourist
  • Passport and visa page copy
  • Home country driving licence
  • International Driving Permit (IDP)
Visitors from the GCC, US, UK, Canada, Europe and certain other countries can drive with their home country driving license,without the need of an IDP.

Important Tips for Renting a Car in Kuwait

  • Decide on a car rental business in your area. If you need drop-off services, choose businesses with quick deliveries.
  • Upon pickup, check the rental car for any existing damage. To prevent disputes, make a video recording and snap pictures of any problems and send them to the rental agency.
  • The credit card serves as a pre-authorization for the security deposit, which is usually returned within 20 to 30 days after the rental.
  • Check that the firm you sign an agreement with is the same one that is listed on OneClickDrive, and be on the lookout for any scammers.
  • Contact the OneClickDrive Team with the pertinent information if you experience any problems with the car rental businesses in Kuwait you have selected.

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Find the finest cheap car rentals in Kuwait by navigating our website. Visitors may reserve their cars online at the best prices from the best car rental companies in Kuwait. Make sure you're working directly with the providers because paying through brokers might result in higher charges. There are no additional costs, markups, or commissions with OneClickDrive. You may easily reserve any rental car of your choosing at the most competitive prices. View our selection of rental options, which are updated often. Choose a car hire in Kuwait that is affordable. Book today!

Advantages of Opting for Car Rentals in Kuwait

Whether travelling or residing, car rentals in Kuwait may greatly improve your time there. The following are some reasons you should opt for a rental car:
  • Utmost Comfort:
A rent a car Kuwait provides an unmatched level of convenience. You may arrange your timetable freely without relying on the schedules of public transit. You may travel at your own speed for pleasure or business thanks to this freedom.
  • Broad Selection of Options:
When it comes to getting a car for rent in Kuwait, you don’t have to worry! There is a varied selection of cars. You may select a car that fits your requirements and budget, whether you need a bigger SUV for family vacations or a small car for commuting.
  • Cost-Effective:
Rental cars in Kuwait might be less expensive for tourists and short-term visitors than using taxis or other modes of transportation, particularly if you intend to travel throughout the nation extensively.
  • Perfect for Business Travellers:
Business travellers may arrive on time for meetings or corporate functions with a rental car, making quite the impression. 
  • Safety and Maintenance:
Rental cars are usually clean and receive frequent maintenance, making for a dependable and safe driving experience. This is especially crucial in a nation where traffic and weather conditions can make driving difficult.
  • Exploring Outside the City:
You're not restricted to cities when you rent a car. It is simple to arrange excursions to Kuwait's stunning beaches, historical landmarks, and arid landscapes—all of which may be challenging to get by public transportation.

Frequently Asked Questions

For residents, you'll need a Kuwaiti National ID, a driver's licence that is at least six months old, a copy of your passport, a valid form of address identification, such as a copy of your Kuwait Residence Card. Tourists might need to bring their passport, valid international driver's licence, and a copy of their visa, but it's essential to verify with the rental agency in question for their individual needs.

To hire a car in Kuwait, drivers typically need to be at least 21 years old. The minimum age requirement for some premium and high-performance automobiles, however, may be 25. Always inquire about the rental agency's exact age restrictions.

In general, hired vehicles may only be driven inside Kuwaiti territory. The rental business must provide its consent before driving outside of Kuwait, and there can be extra fees.

In Kuwait, the majority of car rental agencies provide minimal insurance on the rental cost. However, comprehensive insurance or supplementary coverage could be charged extra. It is wise to inquire about the specifics of the insurance coverage offered with the rental provider.

You can be charged for an extra day of rental or a late fee if you return the rental car after the scheduled time. If you think you'll be late returning the car, you must notify the rental company.

Answer: Extensions are frequently doable, but it's important to let the rental agency know ahead of time. Depending on the length of the extension, further fees can be incurred.

If there is an accident, make sure everyone is safe first, then call the police in your area to get a police report. Inform the rental company right away. Most rental businesses provide 24-hour roadside assistance for breakdowns. Phone number included in your rental agreement should be called.

There can be extra fees if you go above this cap. Always review the terms and restrictions or get in touch with the rental provider with any questions.

The rental agreement might include additional drivers, usually for a price. All drivers are required to fulfil the standards of the rental provider and produce the required paperwork.

The best course of action is to evaluate rates and offers from several rental businesses. You may also get a better rate by making an advance reservation, choosing a longer rental duration, and looking for any active discounts.

The majority of car rental agencies in Kuwait do require a deposit, which is returned when the vehicle is returned undamaged and without being charged further fees. Depending on the company and the kind of car hired, different deposits apply.

Answer: Different rental businesses have different cancellation procedures. Depending on how far in advance of the pick-up date the cancellation is made, some may be free and others may incur a cost. When making a reservation, always check the company's cancellation policy.

Although these FAQs address a variety of basic inquiries concerning car rentals in Kuwait, it is always preferable to speak with the particular rental business directly for the most thorough and recent information. is your trusted and reliable resource in the Kuwait.
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