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Professional Valet Parking Service in Dubai

Available 24x7 | Advance Booking Recommended

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  • Secure online payment available for Mastercard, Visa and American Express cards.
  • Cash is always acceptable however a part payment would be required to be done online for advance bookings

Valet Parking Service : How it works

We offer a highly professional valet parking services. A service to make sure the customer’s first and last point of contact with your business are satisfying and favourable.

Professional Valet Service

Certified Valet attendants that are well trained, experienced and insured for damages upto AED 1 million. Customer satisfaction is our number one priority and our valets deliver just that. Perfect service guaranteed!

Improve Customer Retention

A pleasing valet service not only increases customer satisfaction but also builds loyalty. Most of our clients have noticed a rise in customers returning to their business after adopting our valet parking service.

Experience You Can Trust

Our valets are experienced to perfectly tag and park any type and size of car. Be it a Nissan Patrol or a Lamborghini, they are trained to speedily retrieve and handover the car back to even the most discerning customer.

Hire Valet Service

A Valet parking service often contributes to the increase in customer satisfaction of a business, be it a hotel, restaurant, tower or corporate office. It does so even more when the valet parking service is highly professional. Get a quote from a OneClickDrive.com vetted partner: Safety Drive Valet Parking today! And be rest assured that you will be dealing with highly professional valets that tend to your guests and their cars.

Valets are usually the first impression and the last point of contact of a business. A shoddy valet service is sure to affect the customer satisfaction and feedback of a business. Hiring well-trained and highly-skilled valets can do wonders for a business. With our exclusive partner, you can be sure to hire professional valets who are also experienced drivers. In addition to the pleasing service, our highly professional valets are smartly dressed and presentable at all times.

Whether you are a business or an individual hosting an event, our valets will secure parking spots for your clients and guests and provide a satisfying service. All our valets are english speaking certified valet attendants registered with the RTA (Road & Traffic Authority). They are uniformed and professionally trained to deal with all types of clients.

Our Valet parking services are recommended for hotels, nightclubs, hospitals, showrooms, towers, clinics, hospitals, malls and commercial buildings as these businesses treat customer satisfaction as a necessity. Our Valet Parking service also come insured upto AED 1 million.