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Rent a Mini Cooper in Dubai: Best Rates UAE

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Showing 1 - 20 of 20 cars

Rent and self-drive a Mini car in Dubai, UAE. All types of Mini Compact and Convertible options are available for hire. Listed below are live offers with per day, per week and per month rates direct from the suppliers. Pay zero commission or booking fees. Branch pick-up is free of cost. For availability and delivery at your location or Dubai airport at your preferred date and time, please inquire with the supplier. Get in touch with them via phone, WhatsApp or request a callback.

Drive through the streets Dubai as a lioness with brand new Mini Cooper cars. Small yet compact, these cars are known for design and are more of a statement maker. enables you to choose from wide range of Mini Cooper car models available for rent. We connect you to the local car rental companies in Dubai and get the most suited car model for you. Rent a Mini Cooper car in Dubai with us and avail exciting packages and offers. Additionally, we provide you free branch pick up too. Connect today directly to the car supplier and you can discuss on your requirement. We will provide you with the most suited car model that will not only ensure your safety but at the same time provide you with a memorable experience of driving Mini Cooper cars in the empty streets of Dubai. We have various renting options too. Look out for the daily, weekly and monthly rental packages available at our website. You can even request us a call back and we will reach you with required information.

Mini Cooper Cars Advantages:

  • Fun Riding Experience: Known for its speed, Mini Cooper cars are preferred by travelers as it gives you a pleasant, fun full experience. The moment you slide into the driver seat, you will be aware of it’s competency and power. This small power-packed vehicle doesn’t have any parking problems like that of big cars.

  • Small Yet Spacious: Perhaps the best feature of Mini Cooper cars are that they are tiny to look at but well spacious from inside. You might be confused before choosing Mini Cooper cars as it’s a small figure vehicle but surprisingly, this is not what you find inside. 

  • Relatively Affordable: Budget is always a concern for everyone. But Mini Cooper cars are the best choice of cars at the price. So if you are travelling alone or having 2-3, people, Mini Cooper cars could be a great choice.

  • Awesome Gas Mileage: In spite of using premium gas, these cars offer satisfactory mileage. It is reviewed that Mini Cooper cars are generally required to feel gas once or twice in a month

  • Design: Undoubtedly, Mini Cooper cars are known for their unique design. There are various mini car models each of different design sure tempt anyone with it’s grace.

Mini Cooper car models to rent in Dubai, UAE:

Choose from wide range of Mini Cooper car models available at We directly connect you with the supplier and assure you the best quality car. Choose based on your budget and requirement. However, Mini Cooper car models like Mini Cooper S 2019, Mini Cooper Coupe 2019 are widely preferred and rented by travelers who visit Dubai. Check out the Mini Cooper car rental in Dubai and choose your favorite model.

Mini Mini Cooper Rental Deals and Offers:

We promise to provide you the best market price. You can avail daily, weekly or monthly rental packages available for mini car models. If you are still wondering on your budget, we have daily packages starting at AED 200/day. Book now! is the biggest car rental organization in Dubai serving since years. It has maintained a steady reputation from thousands of travelers all across the world visiting Dubai. We do not charge any commission or booking fees. Request us a call back to rent Mini Cooper cars in Dubai within minutes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Among the popular car choices, Mini Cooper is definitely a favorite. In Dubai, more so, as it’s perfect for Sheikh Zayed Road as well as on the highways stretching across the Emirates. Being one of the most scenic places for those seeking a luxurious adventure on wheels, Mini Coopers are the most-in-demand cars in Dubai. You’ll be driving alongside exotic cars such as Porsche, Mercedes Benz, Audi, not to mention a range of sports cars.Many tourists and residents in Dubai rent a Mini Cooper to soak the pleasure of driving a luxurious convertible coup. The convertible experience, extra legroom, advanced driving and trendy interiors are Mini Cooper vehicles are most known for!

Yes, you can! Most customers rent a luxury coup in Dubai to visit Abu Dhabi and other emirates. It’s definitely the best way to explore the UAE. Car rental companies allow their vehicles to be driven anywhere in the UAE, barring a few locations such as Jebel Hafeet, Jebel Jais and desert areas. Be sure to plan your drives in advance to make the most of it. Google Maps is your best friend!If you’re planning a trip to the Grand Mosque, Louvre or Yas Marina, consider renting for 2 or more days to offset the additional mileage charge you will incur. As most car rentals, including luxury and sports cars, come with a standard mileage limit of 250-km per day. Dubai to Abu Dhabi is a good 150-km away so you’ll probably be clocking over 300 km on the journey back.Best practice: Consult with the car rental agency regarding your trip plan for suggestions. Additional mileage packages may be available. works with several car rental companies across the world. In Dubai, we work with quite a few Mini Cooper car rental providers. You can choose among cars with a range of engine sizes and additional features, including GPS navigation, safety and performance enhancements. The Mini Cooper comes in various 2-door coup and convertible models with advanced features. Different models including: Mini Cooper Coup, Mini Cooper S, Mini Cooper S Convertible and the famous Mini Cooper Countryman If you’re looking for a rare Mini Cooper car model, contact our suppliers who have listed a Mini Cooper. They might be able to cater to your distinguished needs.