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Find the best rental car offers from local suppliers in Ras Al Khaimah. Be it a short-term rental to commute across Ras Al Khaimah, travel through the other emirates or just be equipped with a car (monthly rental recommended). Shortlist a car that based on your budget and requirements and hire one today.

Tourists, visitors as well as UAE residents with a valid driving license can rent and drive a car in the UAE. Contact the listed car rental supplier offering the car of your choice directly via phone, WhatsApp or request a call back and rent it directly!

Showing 1 - 20 of 163 cars

Must-See Luxury Rentals

Discover the finest luxury car rentals through these stunning videos. Find exceptional cars for hire in Dubai for your next trip through OneClickDrive.
AED 0 AED 90/ day
Nissan Sunny, 2023
AED 0 AED 130/ day
Mazda CX3, 2024
AED 0 AED 100/ day
Mazda CX3, 2024
AED 0 AED 180/ day
Volkswagen Golf GTI, 2024
Showing 1 - 20 of 163 cars

Ready to explore Ras Al Khaimah at your own pace? Book your ideal car rental in Ras Al Khaimah now and unlock the freedom to discover every hidden gem of this vibrant city. Whether it's a leisurely coastal drive or an adventurous journey through the mountains, your perfect ride awaits. Start your unforgettable Ras Al Khaimah adventure today!

Rent a Car in Ras Al Khaimah

Public transport is more limited compared to larger emirates like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Although, RAK is well-connected by a network of highways and roads. The E311 and E611 highways are the major routes that link RAK with other emirates. These highways are well-suited for visitors who wish to explore beyond the emirate's borders at their own pace or there for business, making travel convenient with a rent a car in RAK for both a short trip or a longer journey. 

This region has come a long way, from transforming into a port to a location known for its bustling activity. Ras Al Khaimah City is a modern symphony of the old and new that is highly recommended, with easy access to Dubai and Sharjah via highways and an international airport ready to welcome guests from all over the world. This makes opting for a car rental in Ras Al Khaimah an amazing choice. 

Ras Al Khaimah Car Rentals: More Reasons Why

Ras Al Khaimah car rental ensures a journey filled with comfort and flexibility. With your own set of wheels you can explore the stunning landscapes, from the amazing Hajar Mountains to the beautiful beaches, all on your schedule. 

You can also visit local places such as the National Museum of Ras Al Khaimah, Dhayah Fort, and the Al Jazira Al Hamra, a historical village or make your trip enjoyable by shopping at the popular Al Hamra mall with the help of car hire Ras al Khaimah services. 

Furthermore, if you’re someone who’s arriving at Ras al Khaimah airport, a rent a car RAK service is just what you need to get on the ground running and exploring. With easy pick up and drop option and well-maintained cars, it’s the ideal solution for customers seeking convenience and true freedom right from the moment they land. 

Driving and Parking Tips in Ras Al-Khaimah

It’s crucial to familiarise yourself with local driving laws and road signs before you take your rent a car in Ras Al Khaimah on the road. If you're a tourist, you will require an international driving permit along with your home country driving licence to rent a car.

Always wear a seatbelt and follow speed limits which are

Within urban areas and residential areas: 60-80 kilometers per hour (kph) depending on the specific road and signage.

1. On highways and main roads: 100-120 kph.

2. In rural and desert areas: 100-120 kph.

You can try free parking your rent car Ras al Khaimah at public beaches, parks, certain residential areas, and some malls, while hotels, resorts, free trade zones, and historical sites like Dhayah Fort also offer complimentary spots for visitors and guests. Always check parking permissions to avoid fines or extra fee. Parking in Ras Al Khaimah is also pretty straightforward, with parking spaces available in most areas. Cost typically ranges from

Affordable Car Rentals in Ras Al Khaimah

With our cheap monthly car rental Ras Al Khaimah offers, we have everything you need, whether you're thinking about a long stay or simply want the flexibility to travel at your own speed.

From gorgeous mountains to beaches basked in sunlight, Ras Al Khaimah has an abundance of attractions to behold. It's not necessary to spend a bunch to see everything. 

We think that everyone should be able to explore Ras Al Khaimah, which is why you will find suppliers that provide low price rent a car Ras al Khaimah rates without sacrificing quality or service. Now embrace your journey without worrying about expensive transportation. With our many options, you can begin organising your trip to Ras Al Khaimah right now. Awaiting you are flexibility, freedom, and amazing savings!

Why Choose OneClickDrive?

With OneClickDrive, the process of car rental RAK is worry-free and easy. You can explore and compare from the diverse fleet of RAK car rental companies all under one roof at the most competitive rates. You also book online and contact your preferred supplier directly, which means there are no hidden charges, helping you meet your travel needs, whether it’s for a long vacation or a short trip. But our marketplace is not only known for having car hire rak suppliers that list the latest models but also for our customer-first approach.

We understand that when it comes down to rental cars, it’s also about affordable pricing, which is why you can also filter out cheap car rentals in Ras Al Khaimah deals to find the perfect car that will suit your budget and preferences.

Our commitment to offering you quality options, from economy cars, SUVs, luxury cars to sports cars and transparency make us a top choice for anyone looking to rent a car ras al khaimah cheap. Plus, all vehicles come with free fuel and basic insurance!

So whether you’re a tourist looking to explore the natural wonders of Ras al Khaimah or a resident that needs a temporary car to commute, OneClickDrive takes out the complexities of renting a car!

In order to rent a car in Ras Al Khaimah, you will need a driving license held for one year and a valid ID or passport. 

In case you’re a tourist, you will need an international driving permit, your home country driving license, and a valid passport. ​​​​​​

Research the different rental companies in Ras Al Khaimah. 

There are plenty of options to choose from, so it is important to do your research before making your decision. 

Secondly, make sure you find a company that fits your budget and interests. 

Lastly, get a rental agreement in writing. If there are any questions about the rental agreement, make sure that you have a written copy to refer to. This will help avoid any confusion or problems down the road.

While driving in Ras Al Khaimah, you'll want to avoid the use of steep hills as they can be difficult to navigate. 

Also, be aware of the many cobblestone streets and drive slowly and carefully when turning or driving through alleyways. 

And finally, follow the speed limits set by the Ministry of Tourism - Ras Al Khaimah: 55 kilometers per hour in rural areas and 60 kilometers per hour in urban areas.

Car rental price in Ras Al Khaimah

Daily Weekly Monthly
Dodge Charger V6 (White), 2022 AED 159 AED 1,095 AED 4,599
Dodge Challenger RT V8 (White), 2021 AED 340 AED 2,060 AED 7,999
Mazda CX3 (Red), 2024 AED 100 AED 659 AED 2,299
Toyota Yaris (White), 2024 AED 85 AED 590 AED 2,099
Suzuki Ciaz (Silver), 2024 AED 90 AED 560 AED 1,750

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost of renting a car in RAK varies with the type of car rented and the duration rented for. Although, with our marketplace, you can expect value for money.

Economy car rentals are the cheapest among other car types. You can expect to pay as low as 88 Dhs per day and more depending on the car model you choose.

The price of compact car hires listed by our suppliers start from 105 Dhs per day to more, depending on the car model.

You can expect to pay somewhere between 573 Dhs per week and higher depending on the car model you choose.

Monthly long term car rental costs on average start from 1674 Dhs per month for economy cars and higher for other car types.

Yes, a deposit is necessary to rent a car as this serves as a safety net for car rental companies in case a customer incurs fines or damages the rental car.

An SUV is a great car type to rent in Ras Al Khaimah due to it’s versatility, especially if you plan to explore rugged areas.

Speed limits in Ras Al Khaimah vary, with 60-80 km/hour in cities/urban areas and 120 km/hour on highways.

Major hotels, shopping malls and tourist attractions offer ample parking.

The minimum age to drive in RAK is 18 years old, but most rental companies require you to be at least 21 to 25 years old to rent a car.

Yes, all rental cars come with basic insurance. However, if you need more coverage, you can avail it from the rental company directly at an extra cost.

Most rental companies need the car to be returned in a clean and well-kept condition.

Note: The above listings including the prices are updated by the respective car rental company. Incase the car is not available at the price mentioned (exclusive of VAT), please inform us and we’ll get back to you with the best alternative. Happy renting!

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