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Founded in 1911, the Chevrolet brand is the top selling marque within the General Motors family and is the best-known GM nameplate. Chevrolet is virtually synonymous with General Motors. Chevrolet was co-founded by Louis Chevrolet and William C. Durant, the former a race car driver, and the latter the founder of General Motors. Prior to creating General Motors, Durant was head of Buick and in that capacity hired Louis Chevrolet to drive his cars in motor races to promote the brand. Durant’s tenure as the founder of GM was short lived and he found himself forced out of the company in 1910. Keen to re-establish his credibility in Detroit and in the fledgling US motor industry, Durant formed an alliance with Louis Chevrolet to found the company that would make use of Chevrolet’s designs for a new range of vehicles in 1911. Two years later the famous Chevrolet “bowtie” was adopted as the company logo. Two theories exist as to the origins of the logo. One favours the story that it was an adaptation of a pattern featured on wallpaper seen by Durant in a French hotel, while the other suggests that the logo was a stylised adaptation of the cross on the Swiss national flag, paying homage to Louis Chevrolet’s Swiss nationality.

Founded: November 3, 1911

Headquarters: Detroit, Michigan, United States

Official Name: Chevrolet Division of General Motors Company

Products: Automobiles, Commercial vehicles, Trucks

  • You must be acquainted with the features and specifications of the car model.
  • Process a quick look on the history and reviews of the Chevrolet car rental companies in Dubai.
  • Read the contract thoroughly before signing the contract .
  • Check the fuel level
  •  You must check if there is any damage in the car before renting it. 
  • Get your papers ready.
  • It is recommended to drive at a consistent speed. 
  • Braking early will result in improved fuel efficiency. 
  • Chevrolet Spark comes with McPherson struts having anti-roll bars in the front along with torsion beam axles through the rear that adds to the commuting experience.
  • For Chevrolet Corvette, 0 to 96km/hr requires 2.9 seconds while a full 100km/hr will add a few milliseconds more. Such is the wonderful performance of the Chevrolet Corvette.
  • Choose a company that’s located near you or offers fast delivery in your location, if you would need pick-up and delivery.
  • At the time of delivery, check for existing dents and scratches, if any, best to shoot a video circling the car and take close-up pictures of the existing damages. Share them with the car rental service provider instantly to avoid any misunderstandings that may arise later.
  • Always best to provide the security deposit by credit card as a pre-authorization block, which automatically releases after 20-30 days from the end date of your rental.
  • Please be sure to sign a car rental agreement issued under the same company name as advertised on the OneClickDrive website or mobile app. Be sure to save a soft copy of the agreement so you have documented proof of your rental.

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