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Buggy Rentals in Dubai Dunes

  • Book a range of buggy, ATV and dirt bike options
  • Curated buggy ride experiences from the best in the UAE
  • Optional fun desert activities and access to f&b

For UAE Residents

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For Tourists visiting the UAE

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A driver’s license is not required to rent a buggy in Dubai, however guidance will be provided on how to ride before you go on the ATV trail.

At OneClickDrive, you can find and choose from an array of buggy rental suppliers who offer amazing spaces to ride and a wide-range of desert experiences.

We ensure that you receive the best possible service and experience from all of the suppliers that we work with.

If you're looking to rent a buggy in Dubai, there are a few things to keep in mind

  • Schedule your ride experience in advance
  • Don’t forget to carry the above mentioned documents with you
  • Reach 20 minutes prior to your arrival time or avail pick-up and drop service
  • Pay attention to the training provided, especially if it's your first time riding a buggy
  • Make sure you plan your time wisely to enjoy the experiences as the camps have ample to do
How it works

Choose a Buggy

Select from a vast fleet of buggies to suit your schedule from suppliers listed on our marketplace.

Avail Pick Up & Drop

Get pick-up and drop facility from your location to the camp which means not having to find a meeting point.

Additional Activities

Add more fun to your buggy riding adventure with exciting desert activities like falconry, camel riding and more!

Book Directly

Directly contact our team by WhatsApp, message or email and rent your desert adventure at the click of a button!

A Dune Bashing Experience in Dubai

Dubai is the hub of off road activities in the middle east. One such off-road activity that is highly popular and loved by all is buggy riding. If you're passionate about adventure and enjoy dune buggy rides, Dubai is the perfect place to explore with friends or family in amazingly soft sand.

Whether you’re a visitor looking to experience the local way of life or a resident looking to get their adrenaline pumping, the OneClickDrive marketplace offers dune buggies listed by exclusive suppliers that allow you to explore the red desert sands while taking charge of the tough terrain like a true professional.

For a group, choose from a Can-Am Maverick and Polaris dune buggies to other two-seater and four-seater Polaris or choose any 1000 cc buggy or go for an ATV tour with a four-wheel drive and fully-automatic drives. The choice is all yours!

Hourly Dune Buggy Rides

Experience a thrill like no other by driving through the desert in a powerful dune buggy. The pace and performance will keep you engaged and excited, making you want to come back for more, making every moment full of fun. You can choose buggies on an hourly basis as per your convenience.

Affordable Rates for Desert Buggy Rental

If you’re looking to rent a buggy, we have some surprisingly affordable rates in Dubai. Whether you are renting a buggy for long or short periods of time, our marketplace will ensure you get exactly what you need. Browse and and choose from our wide range of options and prices.

Buggy Tour in Dubai

By choosing a buggy tour in Dubai with OneClickDrive, you can now explore the untamed beauty of the Arabian desert. As you strap into our powerful ATV’s or buggies, be ready for an experience you won't forget.

On one of our guided trips, you'll be driving one of our impressively powerful buggies as you tear across the dunes. All the information you need to have a safe adventure throughout the tour will be given to you by our amiable tour guides.

Our dune buggies are skillfully maintained and equipped with cutting-edge safety measures in addition to the typical features like doors, full roll cages, and 4-point race harnesses. Each of our tours also include a free pickup and drop service.

Frequently Asked Questions

The minimum age required to ride a buggy in Dubai is 18 years old.

If you made a reservation in advance or are planning to pay on the spot, all we require is that information. We don't charge more for passengers, gas, or equipment. We give you all the tools you need to fully appreciate the experience.

There aren't many limitations on what you can wear when riding a buggy. Although, for a buggy ride, it is always recommended to dress comfortably. Avoid baggy clothing as it may get trapped in unexpected parts of the buggy.

Our buggies are capable of accelerating to 100 km/h or more. They are strong machines that can comfortably and easily cross the desert. But to be safe, we only advise you to drive at speeds that you can control.