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Designated Driver Service in Dubai

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Book a designated driver for a safe drive across the emirates

Designated Driver Service - How it works

We offer a highly reliable and safe designated driver service. A driver service to ensure your safe return back home from a party. Hire a designated driver any time of the day and get to your destination in the comfort of your own car.

Book Directly

Call or Whatsapp us anytime with your requirement for an all-inclusive quote. Confirm to book and pay our exclusive partner - Safety Drive directly. Best possible rates, no commission.

We Drive You

Our drivers are professional and punctual. They will show up at your location at the exact time of your requirement. The driver will then drive you to your destination in the comfort of your own car.

Home Sweet Home

When the driver gets you to your destination, he will park your car in the right spot and hand you the keys. You can also choose to have the car dropped off at a different location all together.

When you’re at a party and find yourself in a state of being intoxicated, self-driving your car is something you should definitely avoid. Driving under the influence of alcohol can get you in prison along with a hefty fine of 20,000 AED, 23 black points and confiscation of your vehicle for 60 days. If you choose to get yourself a cab, it will involve waiting in line for long periods of time and cost you a considerable amount.

Booking yourself a reliable designated driver service is the most ideal way of getting back home after a party. Available any time of the day, this service will allow you to reach your destination after a party in the comfort of your own car without being in the driver's seat. You can also have the driver drop off your car at a location of your choice.

Along with using the designated driver service for your personal use, you can promote Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by offering the service to your employees and clients.

With you can get yourself a reliable and safe designated driver service in just a few clicks at best competitive rates in the market. So hire a designated driver service with us and be sure to leave the party without a single worry. Get back home safe in the comfort of your own car at prices highly cost efficient and affordable.