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You need to be 21 years of age atleast to be eligible to rent a car in Muscat. The documents required, for both tourists and residents alike, are a valid driver's license, passport and an International Driving Permit (IDP) in the english alphabet. However, it is advised to enquire with the car rental agencies about their requirements. 

  1. Vehicles are driven on the right side of the road in Oman
  2. Turning right on a red light and overtaking from the right is illegal
  3. A zero tolerance policy for drunk driving with a limit of 0.0mg
  4. Speed limits are usually 120 km/hr for highways and range from 60-120 km/hr for other roads. However, it is advised to watch out for local signage
  5. Pedestrains have priority at pedestrian crossing 

  1. Mercure Hotel - A 4 star hotel at As Suwayhrah 
  2. Sohar Beach Hotel - A 3 star hotel at Al Tareef Street
  3. Al Wadi Hotel - A 3 star hotel at Al Barakat Street
  4. Green Oasisi Hotel - A 3 star hotel on Muwela Road
  5. Reem Hotel Apartment -  A 3 star hotel near Dubai-Salalah Road

Showing 1 - 20 of 36 cars
Showing 1 - 20 of 36 cars

Rent A Car In Sohar

Sohar, the largest and capital city of the Al Bathin North Governorate in Oman has numerous attractions to explore. But what better way is there to witness the beauty and diversity of this multicultural city than when you rent a car in Sohar?

Whatever your intention of visiting the city is, OneClickDrive has a vehicle just for you. Be it a family trip, friendly outing, or business meeting, our diverse fleet of cars includes all options to cater for every single occasion. 

If you wish to visit the city with your family, we have affordable SUVs and vans for rent. However, if your intention is to explore the intriguing destinations in Sohar alone, then choose from our multitude of cheap rent a car Sohar Oman options.

We are proud to be one of the largest marketplaces in the world and have secured partnerships with the most trusted suppliers both locally and internationally to offer the best car rental rates and services to all our noble clients. 

Choosing your desired vehicle is easier, faster, and cheaper on OneClickDrive than from the rental agency directly as we provide an easy-to-navigate platform where you can compare prices from different suppliers and book a vehicle that matches your preference without a hassle.

5 Places To Visit When You Rent A Car in Sohar

When you visit Sohar, it is likely that you will be overwhelmed with numerous choices of exploration and confused as to which one to pick. Not to worry, we are here to narrow down the best for you; continue reading to discover some of the most highly visited destinations in Sohar;

1. Sohar corniche: If you are just visiting Sohar, the corniche might be the perfect place to start your exploration from. It provides an interesting view of the magnificent Arabian sea, offering you a tranquil escape from the busy city life.

2. Sohar forte: After exploring the corniche, you can take a short walk along the sandy beaches of the Sohar corniche to arrive at the Sohar fort. The fort offers you natural and beautiful scenery and also allows you to experience ancient Oman history and culture.

3. Sohar Municipal Park: The Sohar Municipal Park is a fun place perfect for having a picnic with your family or a romantic evening with a loved one. It is located right next to the Sohar Beach Hotel which is easily accessible when you opt for a cheap rent a car in Sohar Oman.

4. Sohar Fish Market: The Sohar fish market is one of the cleanest fish markets in Oman and offers a variety of fish of different species for sale. Even if you do not wish to buy fish, witnessing the activities in the market is incredibly fun.

5. Sohar Regional Sports Complex: The sports complex is a multi-stadium currently used mostly for football matches. It has a maximum seating capacity of 19000 spectators as well as top-notch gym facilities, immaculate squash courts, and an exceptionally clean Sauna.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ans: Renting a car in Sohar provides you with a reliable means of exploring the city at your own pace. It is also more reliable and cost-effective than public transport options for long-term use.

Muscat is the capital and most populated city in Oman. It offers a lot of employment opportunities, affordable accommodation, and a reasonable standard of living.

The cost of renting a car in Sohar could vary depending on the rental agency, car brand, and rental duration. However, it typically ranges from OMR 13 to OMR 20 per day.

The top places to visit in Sohar are; the Sohar Corniche, the Sohar Forte, Sohar Regional complex, and Sohar Municipal park.

There are several car rental suppliers in Sohar. However, if you are looking for the best rates to rent a car, it is recommended to visit a reputable marketplace with more diverse options than an individual rental company.

For a single trip, public transportation may be the cheaper option, but if you plan on spending a few days in Sohar, then having a private vehicle at your disposal is more cost effective and convenient.

Note: The above listings including the prices are updated by the respective car rental company. Incase the car is not available at the price mentioned (exclusive of VAT), please inform us and we’ll get back to you with the best alternative. Happy renting!

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