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¿Visita los Emiratos Árabes Unidos y no está seguro de si su permiso de conducir es válido para conducir en el país?
One of the most distinctive features of UAE life is the driving experience. For its residents as well as tourists. You get access to world-class road infrastructure across the well-connected, glittering emirates. However, as a tourist, your home country's driving license might not be valid if your country is not part of the list above. In that case, you will need an international driving permit which must be secured from your home country.
You can then rent and drive a car legally in the UAE, provided you are here on a valid tourist visa. And if you're in the need of a car, you know what to do – OneClickDrive.
En resumen, los visitantes del GCC, EE. UU., Reino Unido, Canadá, Europa y algunos otros países pueden conducir con el permiso de conducir de su país de origen sin necesidad de un Permiso de conducir internacional (IDP). usted tiene una licencia de conducir válida para obtener la experiencia más estimulante.
* Se requiere original + copia traducida

Elija su coche de alquiler / servicio de conductor en

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You can rent a car legally in the UAE, if you have a valid tourist visa. Visitors from GCC, US, UK, Canada, Europe, and some other countries can drive with their home country driving license without the need of an International Driving Permit. Tourists from other countries will however need an International Driving Permit (IDP) secured from their home country.

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