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德国跨国公司巴伐利亚汽车厂,俗称宝马。该公司生产汽车和摩托车。汽车以 BMW、Mini 和劳斯莱斯品牌销售,而摩托车以 BMW Motorrad 品牌销售。最适合租用的宝马汽车是 750 Li、430i 敞篷车、3 系和 X5。

成立: 1916年

总部: 德国慕尼黑

官方名字: 巴伐利亚汽车厂

产品: 豪华车、摩托车

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在迪拜、阿布扎比、沙迦和阿治曼搜索最广泛的汽车品牌和车型可供出租。书 廉价汽车租赁, 越野车, 豪车, 跑车 更多直接来自当地汽车租赁公司。超过 700 种实时租车优惠可供选择!
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Renting a BMW in Abu Dhabi is a symbol of style and prestige. BMW is a leading luxury car brand in the world. The elegant exterior and exquisite interior of BMW cars make them a pure work of art and aesthetics. Whether you are on a vacation or business trip you may rent BMW Abu Dhabi for an unforgettable experience. 

Why Rent a BMW in Abu Dhabi?

When in Abu Dhabi, embrace the opportunity of renting a BMW with ease. Some of the reasons why you should consider BMW rental Abu Dhabi are discussed below:

Ultimate Luxury

All the variants of BMW cars showcase class and luxury of the highest order. BMW rental Abu Dhabi is an incredible experience. The cars are curated to offer a luxurious feel like no other. 

High-End Technology

The BMW cars have innovative technology and high-end features to make all journeys memorable and comfortable. From intricate designs to cutting-edge engineering, all BMW cars are crafted to provide unparalleled driving experience.

Variety of Car Types

Another reason to rent BMW Abu Dhabi is the variety of car types that BMW offers. From SUVs, sedans to sports cars, you can choose your favorite BMW car for rent in Abu Dhabi. Hence, whether you are on a family vacation or visiting Abu Dhabi solo for work or leisure, BMW has something or the other for you. 

Range of Rental Options

BMW rental Abu Dhabi is an easy process. The credit here goes to the dedicated car rental companies offering top notch services. We at OneClickDrive equally strive to provide quality services that are reliable and affordable.

Why Rent a BMW Car from OneClickDrive?

OneClickDrive is a reliable and dedicated platform offering a range of cars in varied categories and price range. Know more about our services below:


Some of the budget-friendly BMW models for rent in Abu Dhabi are BMW 330i, BMW X2, BMW 218i, BMW X1, and so on.

Yes, BMW rental in Dubai is available for rent for the longest period of one month. You may also opt for daily and weekly rentals.

Yes, you can hire chauffeur services in Dubai with a BMW rental. Renting a BMW with a driver allows you to be at ease throughout the journey.

Yes, you rent a BMW for Abu Dhabi Airport transfers. Try booking in advance to save up on some bucks.

To access the best BMW car rental in Abu Dhabi, check out OneClickDrive. We are an exclusive platform for car rental in the UAE.

Yes, most sellers in Abu Dhabi allow advance booking or cars, including a BMW.

Mostly, customers need not bear the insurance cost for BMW rental in Abu Dhabi. At OneClickDrive, all our sellers take responsibility for car insurance.

笔记: 包括价格在内的上述列表由各自的汽车租赁公司更新。如果车辆无法以上述价格(不含增值税)提供,请 通知我们 我们会为您提供最佳选择。租房快乐!



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