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You can rent a car by searching on the OneClickDrive Mobile App. Compare offers from local car rental companies in your city as per your requirements, and book directly with one. Most companies even provide delivery and pick-up service for your convenience.
Чтобы узнать о лучших предложениях по аренде автомобилей, ознакомьтесь с нашими ДИСКОНТНЫЕ ПРЕДЛОЖЕНИЯ section page. These offers are available on cars which are posted for daily rentals, weekly rentals as well as monthly rentals. The discounted rates also include insurance and standard mileage limit.

You can rent a car in most tourist-centric cities, if your driving license is permitted or if you hold an International Driving Permit. OneClickDrive works with car rental companies across the United Arab Emirates and select cities across the world: Istanbul, London, Muscat, Baku, Frankfurt and more. View the entire list on the OneClickDrive Homepage.

A car with a driver service (a.k.a. chauffeur service) is different from renting a car. In the UAE, such a service is operated only by licensed chauffeur service companies. You can book a car with a driver on hourly basis (starting AED 400 for 5 hours) and ТРАНСФЕР ИЗ АЭРОПОРТА. (starting AED 120) with our vetted and exclusive partner on OneClickDrive.
You are eligible to rent a car while visiting most major cities across the world if you have an international driving permit. However, the requirements majorly depend on the city you’ll be renting in. We have published the list of documents required on the respective car listing as well as the city homepage across OneClickDrive.
Check the below 2018-updated list to find out.
Canada (Quebec*)
New Zealand
Saudi Arabia
South Africa
United Kingdom(UK)
United States of America(USA)

*Original + Translated Copy required
For all other countries, an International Driving Permit is essential from the driving license holder’s home country.

Download image: Country Driving Licenses Valid in the UAE
С OneClickDrive легко арендовать автомобиль рядом с вами. Вы можете найти предложения на автомобили в пунктах проката автомобилей в вашем регионе, а также на те, которые могут быть быстро доставлены из любого места. Например, если вы живете или работаете в Дубай-Марина, вы можете просто выполнить поиск по названию местоположения: Дубай Марина.
You don’t need to rent sports cars from near you. They are available with free delivery across Dubai. Explore the весь парк спорткаров from the best sports car rental companies in Dubai. Inquire and book any of the cars directly from them at zero extra charge.
в самая низкая стоимость ежемесячной аренды автомобиля в Дубае and the rest of the UAE is AED 1200 on OneClickDrive. You can get a Kia Picanto, Chevrolet Spark, Nissan Sunny and such other economy range of vehicles for this monthly rate. Prices on OneClickDrive include insurance and atleast 3000 km standard mileage. Most suppliers even offer free delivery for monthly bookings.
Кредитные или дебетовые карты обычно являются предпочтительным способом блокировки для большинства компаний по аренде автомобилей. У вас нет кредитной или дебетовой карты? Вы все еще можете арендовать машину в ОАЭ. Попробуйте связаться с car rental suppliers that accept security deposit by cash cheque or crypto / Bitcoin. Please be sure to read the car rental agreement before signing it.
Yes, Ежемесячная аренда автомобиля. include the best car rental offers. You’re sure to find some great all-inclusive deals. They are also much more convenient for you as well as the service provider. Our users generally work out a monthly car rental subscription for additional discounts or mileage packs.
Security deposits mainly serve as protection against car thefts, damages and traffic fines. Credit card preauthorization blocks are convenient and released automatically after 21 days. Hence most rental car companies prefer security deposit by credit card.
Yes, you can hire a car that can be driven by two or more drivers. Simply ask the car rental company to add an additional driver for the rental term. This way, the additional driver is insured to drive too.
Согласно RTA, все арендованные автомобили должны иметь базовую страховку. Следовательно, цены на OneClickDrive всегда включают стоимость страховки. Прочтите соглашение об аренде автомобиля или проконсультируйтесь с поставщиком автомобилей для получения дополнительных сведений о покрытии. Могут быть доступны дополнительные варианты страхования.


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