Driving Hacks for Dubai

Driving Apps for Dubai

5 apps that will enhance your driving in Dubai

Year 2015 is all about being positive, in life and on the road. To help you keep your cool, we have compiled 5 tips to ease your driving woes that work especially well for Dubai.

1. Waze better than Google Maps

Waze is like Google Maps, just way cooler. Thanks to its community-powered model and active users in Dubai, you get alerted about approacing accidents, traffic jams and even speed traps, among others, shared by other drivers in real-time. Save on time, gas money and the potential heartache of being traffucked. Perhaps the next time you're late to work – you won't be.

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2. RTA – All about Roads & Transport in Dubai

The all-new RTA (Road & Transport Authority, Dubai) app is full of utility for every Dubai resident and tourist. The app conveniently groups utility features for the Driver. From traffic fines inquiry and payment to renewing parking tickets through mParking (still uses SMS). The places of interest section lists a range of to-do’s and essential location maps.

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3. HUDWAY – Directions on your Windshield

One of the cleverest driving apps there is – HUDWAY reflects driving directions onto your windshield during low-visibility conditions (or dark nights). Just punch in your destination, place your phone on the dashboard and look straight ahead. This app is for you if you're more of a night rider.

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4. Find My Car – Remembers your parking spot

Tired of forgetting where you parked your car? Tell me about it, the situation only gets worse in the summers. Find My Car is yet another simple but effective app here to save the day. Simply tag the position of your car by switching on your GPS or take a picture of your parking spot (essential for underground parking). We just hope the UI evolves soonly.

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5. Google Now – Getting smarter with time

Google is known for its sheer brilliance. The Google Now app has had a handful utility features updated in recent times. Among them is a new Parking Location card that automatically saves the approximate location of where you ended your last drive. A simple concept that uses your GPS and phone sensors to distinguish driving in a vehicle from walking or otherwise.

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